A Rose By Any Other Name

Might punch you in the proverbial eye for calling her by any other name.

The Nugget has been very focused on pretend play lately.  At any given point, she can be found running around our house with her "hooves" pawing at the air while she tries to earn her cutie marks as a My Little Pony.  That is unless she is letting down her hair and descending a tower as Rapunzel.  Or maybe she'll be preparing to go ice skating with Frosty because she is his best friend, Karen.  Best of all, she recently decided to be "Olive" from the Rudolph movie.  I kept trying to figure out who she thought the character Olive was until a friend pointed out that she had no doubt been listening to the Rudolph song and deduced that the line "all of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names" was referring to one particular reindeer by name, "Allof".  Which explains why she kept correcting me about how I was pronouncing the name.

Anyway, I think it's great that The Nugget has an active imagination.  The problem is that we can't always keep up with what imaginary world she is living in.  While that may not seem like a problem, it leads to A LOT of frustration for all parties in the house.  Heaven help the person who calls the child by the pony name Fluttershy when she has moved on to playing princess Tiana.  I have tried to approach her by using generic terms like sweetie or kiddo, but I get sharply corrected then too.  "I'm not sweetheart, I'm Karen!"

This may not seem like a big deal, but this happens in our house about 37 times per day.  That is a whole lot of correcting coming from our little angel - I mean Karen.  She's Karen.  Except when she's not.  At swim lessons the other day she kept adamantly correcting her instructor to call her Karen each time she addressed her by her actual name.  I just looked at the instructor and shrugged.

We've had (repeatedly) the discussion that it is not very nice to constantly be correcting people.  She and I have very similar personalities, so while she loses patience with me for not knowing the correct name, I lose patience with her for losing patience with me.  This led to the following recent exchange:

Me: "Stop correcting me all of the time."

The Nugget: "I'm correcting you, I'm correcting you!"

Me:  *sigh*

I would appreciate it if none of you would let her know that I referred to her as The Nugget while writing this.  I just can't face the consequences.


  1. Sounds like the girlie keeps you on your toes! I love her imagination!

  2. How old do you have to be to act in children's theater?

  3. I've witness the nugget in action. Mel does not exaggerate :).


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