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November is Prematurity Awareness Month

I have been blessed in my life to know lots of premature babies.  Many of my friends have had premies.  I  have had two premature babies myself.  Many of these children have flourished under the care of experts who worked tirelessly to ensure a happy, healthy future for them.

Many do not.

Our son, Phoenix Jude, was born on April 11, 2008.  He was born in the 27th week of gestation.  He and I had already been in the hospital for several weeks by that point on a long term maternity ward (something I didn't even know existed until this point in my life).  I had developed extremely high blood pressure and eventually my son had to be born in order to try and save both of our lives.

Phoenix weighed one pound and 12oz.  He was on a ventilator and a feeding tube and catheter and every other supportive device you can think of.  He was just 12 inches long at birth.

He had a lot of challenges and, after three days, he succumbed to these and died on April 14th, 2008.  I still love him and thi…

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Recently The Mister and I have had a shift in our schedules.  He got a promotion (go baby!) and I continue to work my normal schedule.  This means The Nugget has entered daycare for about 3 hours a day because The Mister works afternoons/evenings and I work days.  The Nugget goes to daycare from 1:00PM-4:00PM four days a week.  The entrance into this setting caused the cursory gnashing of teeth, wringing of hands, tears and anxiety for all, but she has actually settled in quite nicely and very much enjoys her outings to see her friends.

Our big problem is that The Nugget's normal nap time falls about 2:00PM.  When I say "normal", I mean this is the schedule that she has set for herself over the course of time.  She just tends to get tired about that time of day.  With the daycare schedule as it is, she is now arriving for a play date when she would normally be napping.  Knowing this going into the situation, I attempted to plan accordingly.

Our first plan of attack was t…