What's Mine is...Yours

In the early years of our marriage, when it was just he and I, The Mister and I would sometimes have hor's devours night.  This consisted of buying several frozen snacks and baking them in rounds in the oven while we enjoyed a favorite movie or program on television.  I would bake things in shifts so that we had warm treats throughout the evening.

One fateful night, I handed The Mister my plate so that I could go answer the oven timer and pull out our next round of snacks.  After doing so, I returned to the living room to find The Mister holding my empty plate.  Thus was born one of our long-standing inside jokes in which I looked at him, stunned, and uttered: " You ATE my dinner?"  I will never forget his sheepish response:  "I thought you were giving it to me..."

Since that time, The Mister has been cautious to double check any time he is handed a meal or partial meal of mine to ensure we don't have a repeat of that event.  And we never have.  Until...

Just the other night I was lying on the couch.  I had nodded off, which in our house is a code which gives The Mister the go-ahead to play violent video games.  So he was playing said games when I awakened.  As I stirred, The Mister paused his game and crossed the room to where I was on the couch.  He then proceeded to pick up what was left of my Diet Coke and drink the rest.

I looked at him.  Calmly, I said: "It didn't occur to you that I might want the rest of my drink?"

He was genuinely shocked.  "I'm so sorry, honey!  I thought it was mine.  I had no idea!"

I couldn't help but laugh.  He did have a partial drink sitting by his chair.  "So help me understand," I said, "you didn't realize that it was my drink even though it was sitting across the room from you right next to me in a cup that was clearly labeled 'mom'.  Is that what you're saying?"

I'm beginning to think he realizes more than he lets on.


  1. That's funny. My family is the opposite. "Don't touch my food!"

  2. Bwahahaha! Right. So, he walked over, in front of you, and drank your coke.

    And was clueless.

    Are you sure we don't have the same husband?


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