How Do You Eat an Elephant?

One bite at a time.  Of course, anyone who actually knows me knows that I would never so much as harm a hair on the head of an elephant, let alone eat one, but it's a metaphor.  In this case, a metaphor for completing the mountain of paperwork and tasks associated with adoption.

Yes, we have decided to proceed with adopting our next child.  After all of our pregnancy struggles, we just don't feel it is an option to try that route again.  Honestly, the only thing that has stopped us from adopting in the past has been the financial aspect; it is not a highly affordable undertaking.  But here we are in this phase of life where we are just taking all kinds of leaps of faith, and trusting that we can come up with the money is one of them.

Having addressed that hurdle(ish), we are left to address taking the steps to activate ourselves with our adoption agency.  I was so excited waiting for the packet to come so I could get started that I obsessively checked the mail for days.  When the packet came, I dug in and reviewed every page.  And promptly became completely overwhelmed.  State and federal background checks complete with fingerprinting.  Physical exams.  Copies of every important document that ever existed. Meetings.  Classes. A lengthy written history of the last several generations of our family - no small task in itself since we both have divorce, remarriage and all of the branches that go along with those family trees.

On the bright side, somebody - hello, there - decided recently to take a leap of faith and quit her job.  While that may seem like a real negative on the financial side (okay, it IS), it offers quite the windfall in terms of time.  I'm not necessarily a believer in fate or destiny, but I will say that the universe has provided quite nicely for this eventuality.  So I currently have time to plug away at our paperwork, one bite at a time.

We have our first meeting to initiate our home study tomorrow.  Wish us luck.


  1. I will definitely be praying for y'all! Wow, what a brave and beautiful step!

    Are you glad you've quit your job? I want to do that! Someday….

    I'm with ya, Mel!

  2. Way to go Mel! You can only address one thing at a time, and this is a big beautiful change!

    Good luck with the details...

  3. Luck. And it is overwhelming, but take that paperwork mountain one step at a time. Find one document each day. Make one call. Set up one appointment. Suddenly, you'll be the expert. I promise.


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