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A few weeks ago we decided to try getting a dog friend for our current dog, Frolic. We used to have two dogs and one of them died about two years ago. I have wondered if Frolic was lonely as she has started to have some separation anxiety when we leave her. Keep in mind someone is in our home nearly every minute of every day; we only leave her for brief periods. Still, I was worried. What do I have to do other than worry about the emotional well-being of our dog? Plus, I have been in this whole, "embrace the chaos" space, thinking I need to, you know, embrace the chaos of family life.
So, after months of endlessly searching for a dog, I found one listed on Craigslist that I thought would be a good fit for us. Similar size, the owner said she liked other dogs, spayed, shots, etc. I called up and we scheduled for the dog (Zazzy) to come stay for a couple of overnights. Just a trial period to see if our dogs got along. The owner seemed very nice and clearly loved Zazzy…


The Nugget is at a point in her development where her vocabulary is just developing at an unbelievable rate. She has picked up on the fact that one of us often says "honey" to her when she needs soothing or to be nice. About 5:00AM, she began to fuss in her crib. I blindly listed toward her room, narrowly avoiding a fall in the hallway in my barely conscious stupor, to find her lying face down with tears streaming saying, "honey, honey" in the saddest way. I immediately scooped her up and rocked her back to sleep, all the while smiling because, if I am being honest, these are my favorite times as a parent. I know many of you are cringing, wanting your sleep back, but with a fifteen month old child, cuddling can be rare. These night time wakings are one of the few times when I am fully able to snuggle her to my hearts delight. Yes, I am tired. Yes, I am delirious. Yes, my hair is standing on end and there is drool on my cheek. But I love it. I. Love. It. …