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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sugar and Spice

And everything nice, that's what this little girl is made of.

The Munchkin, 6 lbs and 9 ozs of tongue sticking joy

As it turns out (and let's face, we knew this), due dates means very little. So as we all mourned a longer pregnancy (big sis, birth mama, and mommy and daddy), our new little girl was busy making her own plans.  Last Wednesday evening, as it turns out, we at our last meal together as a family of three.  During that meal, we got THE CALL.

The thing about adopting is that there is the strangest feeling of things taking forever and happening surprisingly fast all at once.  So we just looked at one another, going, "What?  We've been working on our second child for over a year, but now she's coming?"

And was she ever coming!  Birth mama's labor started around 4pm and we had that baby in our arms before 9pm!  There are many, many words to say.  It was beautiful and hard and overwhelming in every possible way.  Most of all, it was a blessing that we cannot even believe we got to be a part of.  I will save most of my words for another day.  Today, I will just share our beautiful new girl with you and stay thank you to everyone who sent good energy, well wishes, prayers and even money to help make this possible.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snowmageddon 2014

Text exchange between a friend and I:


Me: Please save me from the prison that is my home!  Need break from child!

Him: Having school cancelled tomorrow really gave me a good understanding of Jack in the last half hour of  "The Shining".

Me: Redrum


Me: (much cursing) school is cancelled again tomorrow!

Him: School cancelled.  Also, can't find razor blades.


Him:  School cancelled Thursday.  This is the end.  Beautiful friend.  The end.

Me: (mercilessly) Guess what sucker?  My kid has school tomorrow!


I still haven't heard from said friend.  I can only assume he succumbed to his worst instincts after being trapped in a house with two young children for 5 days.  I am afraid to check.

Just so you know, I had multiple text conversations with multiple friends in this same vein.  It's important to vent, folks!

We've all been under weather advisories here in Indiana with a foot of snow and temps well below zero, so no going out to play in that snow.  Needless to say, everyone's starting to feel a bit cooped up.  And I feel like I'm gaining weight by the second as the tendency to bake when stuck inside and eat when bored are a deadly combination.  I'm not saying we did, but my family and I may have polished off a pineapple cake in two days.  I mean, if other families did stupid and gluttonous things like that, then maybe we did too.  But if not?  Then we definitely did not.

In other news, baby's due date has been delayed by a few weeks.  Which is just fine with me because she would have been due during all this mess and it would have stressed me out like crazy.  Let's hope we have better weather when she makes her appearance!