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On Love

Last week on Tuesday, I went to work.  The day was normal, some parts good, some parts harder.  It might have been rainy or sunny, warm or cold.  A regular day.  Until...

We got, as they say in the adoption world, THE CALL.  A mother read our profile and wanted to meet us the next day.  I frantically scribbled down details about the birth mother, her situation, where we would meet.  I texted The Mister and told him we had a meeting the next day.  I went back to work.

Just like that, after 10 months of silence, we had a meeting.  As it turns out, she cancelled that first meeting.  It didn't worry me; I could only image being in her shoes and trying to work up the courage for this meeting.  Hell, it was hard for US to work up the courage.  But we rescheduled for just a couple of days later.

And then, there she was.  The woman who will change our lives forever.  She came to the table with a plate spilling over with burdens.  She smiled sweetly and shared openly and captured our heart…

The Runaway Mommy

Once there was a mommy who wanted to have a comfortable night's sleep.  So she trained her child to sleep in her own bed - from birth - and went to sleep in her own big, comfy bed.
"If you go to sleep in your own bed," said her daughter, "I will climb in with you in the middle of the night, for you are my warm, snuggly mother."

"If you climb in with me," said the mother, "I push you toward the center of the bed so we will both have room to sleep."
"If you push me toward the center, I will become a yo-yo and bounce immediately back to crowd you to the edge of the bed," said the child.

"If you become a yo-yo," said the mother, "I will push and shove until I have at least a few inches clearance on the side of the bed."
"If you push and shove, I will employ the cat and the dog to come entangle themselves with us and bind your feet so that you cannot move any further," said the child.

"If you employ th…