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Just Me and My Shadow...

Which happens to be a giant jug of urine.  Yup.  If I were a really good blogger, I'd fill this spot with a montage of me and my jug of urine doing fun things together...swinging around in one another's arms, walking on the beach, etc.  Unfortunately, I'm only a mediocre blogger at best, so you'll just have to imagine these aspects of our relationship.

I don't know if they do it to all pregnant women or just those of us who have issues during pregnancy, but one of the the things I have come to specialize in over the past several years is the 24 hour urine collection.  If you've never done one of these things, I recommend giving your doctor a call and asking if you can just go ahead and do one for fun.  I'm sure they can even be fun for men, too!  Basically, in my case, you take a pregnant lady who has to pee all of the time and then make her pee in only one place and dump it into this big orange container for a 24 hour period.  Oh, and it has to be kept col…

Little Pink Line

It's funny how one tiny pink line, no bigger than a quarter of an inch, can bring news that can change your life.  I had forgotten how that line, that little, tiny line, could mean so much.  I've seen it twice before.  The first time I was startled, in awe.  The second, relieved and terrified all at once.  This third time, well, I guess it was a little bit of awe and terror all together.  It wasn't a surprise and yet, isn't it always?  It can really happen...we can make a baby.

That baby is now only the size of a blueberry.  I had forgotten, though, how that blueberry can take all of the energy you ever had.  How there is no amount of sleep that will ever be able to satisfy your tiredness.  How your super power sense of smell can sniff out every unclean scent in the entire world.  How some things taste entirely wrong and others taste better than anything has ever tasted.

The thing about this third little pink line is this: people look at me with trepidation.  I have ex…


Age 5:  Will I make any friends?

Age 7:  Mommy, can I sleep over with my friend?

Age 10:  What happened to my homework?

Age 15:  Am I cool enough?

Age 18:  I don't need to ask any questions, I know everything.

Age 19:  Do you think my mother went to heaven?

Age 22:  How will I live now that college is over?

Age 26:  Is he the one?

Age 30:  Am I over the hill?

Age 32:  Is that positive?

Age 33:  How will we live without our son?

Age 33:  Is that positive?

Age 34:  Isn't she the most beautiful girl you've ever seen?

Age 35:  Will it always be this hard?

Age 36:  Should we have just one more?

Age 38:  Is that positive?