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Shhh...It's Saturday.


Mixed Bag

Today has been a parenting challenge.  The Nugget is evidently going through one of those nightmarish growth spurts where she is not coping well with, well, anything.  Which means none of us is coping well with anything because, dear heavens, we all must pay for her suffering.  I can't complain most of the time about my child - she does not generally challenge authority, she is not a big tantrum thrower, she doesn't hit people.  She loves school, reading, and hugs.  But when it's bad, and it has been today, it's oh so bad.  Some highs and lows from today:

Low:  Nugget awakens at 6:00AM and cannot be convinced to fall back to sleep.

High: Nugget allows me to go back to sleep on the couch while she watches PBS.

High: We enjoy a lovely breakfast partially including delicious homemade zucchini bread.

Low:  Nugget becomes frustrated with The Mister because he is wearing her pretend doctor stethoscope to her picnic and rips it from his ears.  I ask her to apologize which she…