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Flying by the Seat of Our Pants

Recently, we discovered that some of The Mister's family was going to be in Orlando and making a visit to that wonderful/hellish place: Disney.  As I was talking to my Mother in Law (MIL) about it, we decided that it might be fun if The Mister, The Nugget and I came down and surprised The Mister's sister and her family by joining their vacation (Hah!  Hope it was a happy surprise!).  Here are the simple steps that The Mister and I had to take in order to make this last minute vacation possible:

1.  Exchange multiple emails and phone calls with MIL to plan dates, times, etc.
2.  Obsessively check flight options while simultaneously searching for lowest price.  Find lowest price but a)do not realize it and b)do not purchase tickets because you are at work.  Pay twice as much later because you are an idiot with no more time to wait.
3.  Assign dates to ask off to The Mister.
4.  Ask off dates from work.
5.  Attempt to find replacement at work.  Fail.
6.  Work double time prior…

Stuff I Used to Do

Once in a while I allow myself to lament some of the things I have given up since having kids.  Before children, I was largely self-involved and had absolutely no idea now much free time I spent just wandering the world in a state of starry-eyed giddiness.  I also got really used to this being my state of being as I didn't have my first baby until I was 32 years old.  Now, every free moment counts.  Here, a short list of stuff I used to do.

1.  Get my hair professionally colored.  I cannot tell you how much I loved this.  I wasted money for years on doing it even though I had absolutely no gray hair.  Now?  Lots of gray hair and just me trying to cover it up at home with my friend Loreal #8.  And only if I have a coupon.  The color looks nice, don't get me wrong, but I miss that feeling of being spoiled at the salon.

2.  Wander high end furniture stores.  I could spend hours if not days just wandering through Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, sitting on sofas and admiring…

"Bad" Words

One of my daughter's Auntie's has a new favorite story about her.  A couple of months back, The Nugget was spending the day with her Aunt Beth.  Apparently, they were watching Sponge Bob together when The Nugget had to excuse herself for a bathroom break.  Upon her return, she exclaimed, "Oh, shit!  Sponge Bob is over."

I admit it.  My two year old has a potty mouth.  She pretty much uses the words "shit" or "dammit" every day.  And I won't even try to say she learned it from day care or friends or some other outside force; it's from The Mister and me.  And, here's the thing: we don't care.

I've never been much for conformity.  I'm not sure why lots of different rules exist or why they need to apply to me or my family.  This whole concept of "bad" words is just another example of this.  I just can't get into the notion that there is really even such a thing as a "bad" word.  Words, I think, can be us…