Musical Beds

Last night was a typical night in the LTP house:

7:30pm: The Nugget goes to bed first.  The Mister lays with her a few minutes until she nods off.

9:20pm: I go to bed a couple of hours later (on this night narrowly escaping the fate of falling asleep on the couch).  The small dog, Frolic, comes to bed with me, but is restless and heads back downstairs.  The cats are very excited and lots of meowing and purring and petting ensue before we can settle down to sleep.

11:20pm: The Nugget exits her room with a slam of the door and climbs into bed with mom.

11:40pm: The Mister comes to bed.  Frolic stands around on the floor whining until a veritable written invitation is given for her to join us on the bed because she is insane and neurotic and impossible.  The giant dog, Dandy, flops down on the floor with a thud.

12:20am: Dandy is panting loudly and pacing the room as a small storm is passing through because he is insane and neurotic and impossible.  I get up and head downstairs with him to find his Xanax and sequester him from the rest of the family so we aren't all awake.  I then lie down to sleep on the couch.  Frolic follows and lies on the floor and, eventually, Dandy lies down as well.

1:30am: The Nugget awakens me by crawling over my legs to try and join me in sleeping on the couch.  Realizing this is impossible, I corral the whole crew back up to the bedroom.  Frolic, mercifully, stays on the floor this time.

2:45am: I awaken for a bathroom break.

4:00am: I awaken and try to re-shuffle The Nugget, the blankets and the pillows as I am barely clinging to the edge of the bed.

5:30am: The Mister rises to get ready for work.

6:00am: The Mister returns to say goodbye.

6:55am:  The Nugget awakens and declares that she is ready to start the day.

7:30am: I need a nap.


  1. That sounds exhausting. Also, I don't know what it is about naps, but they always seem so much more satisfying than nighttime sleep.

  2. Every night? You need a week or two at the spa!

  3. I'd take the xanax with the dog.

  4. Yikes, sounds like our house. Describing frolic as the little dog made me snort. :) for everyone frolic is medium- normal sized. Dandy is horse sized.
    Don't you just want to give everyone magic sleep medicine sometimes?

  5. Girlfriend.

    I'd be EXHAUSTED.

    You ROCK.


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