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Dear Scientists

I recently read an article in which the research outcome was that becoming parents makes people less happy.  No, I don't have a link to this article.  No, I can't remember where I read it.  And, in fairness, though I read it recently, it could have been a very old article.  I read a lot of hand-me-down magazines.

My point is this: I disagree.  I would agree if the scientists had used the word "stressed".  Having children has added significant stress (and gray hair; I always thought that was just a saying but seems true in my case) to my life.  I worry about my child's development, her feelings, my capability to meet her needs.  I worry about paying attention to my marriage as well as my role as a parent.  I worry about her future, both the world she will grow into and the choices she will make.  I worry about the possibility of dying young and leaving her with someone other than us to raise her.  I worry.

But am I less happy?  I'm no scientist, but I would ar…

Holiday Hoopla

Well, December just about killed me and I was unable to post at all.  We had a lot of fun mixed in with some good old fashioned gnashing of teeth.  The Mister and I spent our month buying gifts and dragging The Nugget from one event to the next. 

We made our first visit to see Santa, something I didn't do last year as she was only nine months old and I didn't think it mattered but then regretted because it seemed I was the only parent on Earth who didn't think it was important at that age.  This year, there was a fresh out of the womb baby right in front of us.  I'm pretty sure the mother had given birth at the beginning of the line.  I missed the memo that this was so important at such a young age.  No doubt The Nugget will be scarred for life due to not having met Santa until she was nearly two years old. 

I, on the other hand, will be scarred for life due to having to visit Santa with my child at all.  First, The Mister has been working crazy hours as his job requ…