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Working Mom

The Nugget's babysitter is awesome.  She has been working hard this summer, taking the kids to the pool or the park almost every day.  The little ones end the day exhausted and happy.  The Nugget loves her friends and her babysitter and the whole experience of going to the sitter's.

But I wish it were me who was home with my baby.

I wish that I was home with her every day.  I wish that it was I who took her to the pool and the playground and the museum and the zoo each day.  I wish I didn't come home from a full day of work exhausted and depleted and without much left to give.

I know that we are blessed.  First of all, we are all happy and healthy.  Second, The Nugget gets to spend lots of time with her parents (though her parents don't get to spend much time together).  And The Nugget actually likes the social outlet provided by the sitter.  But still, I wish our situation were different and that we didn't even need the sitter in our lives.

Some moms who stay home…

Making Babies

The other day I was relaxing on the couch when The Nugget walked up to me and said, "I want a baby sister."


To be totally fair, this was not completely out of the blue.  I have been talking to her lately about whether or not she wants us to have another baby.

So my response was: "I thought you said you wanted a baby brother?"  This is what she had previously requested.

"I want a baby brother and a baby sister!" she cried.

I laughed.  "Well, honey, it's going to take us a while to make you one of each."

Pretty soon, she was pulling on me and begging me to get up off the couch.   I couldn't figure out what was going on.

"What's wrong, Nugget?"

"Momma, let's go make!"  she pleaded.

Oh.  She wants me to go into the kitchen and "make" her a baby brother and a baby sister.  Right now.  After all, when she wants me to make cookies, we whip them right up together!  Obviously, this can't be tha…

Free Time

As I was driving home from climbing in my car from work the other day, the babysitter texted me:  "The Nugget is sleeping.  Feel free to take your time before you come to get her."


Perhaps to preface my level of my excitement I should make sure you know that The Nugget only goes to daycare about 3 hours per day and has NEVER taken a nap while she was there.

I nearly drove off the road made sure the car was safely in park before texting back: "Oh, my!  How long has she been asleep?"  To which she replied: "Only about 45 minutes.  Take your time."


While I narrowly avoided hitting the car in the next lane sat in the safety of my parked car, I texted back: "Maybe I'll just run to the grocery.  See you soon."

But my mind was racing!  According to my calculations, The Nugget would sleep about one more hour at this point.  A whole hour with which to do whatever I wanted without the toddler along for the ride.  My first task was, o…'s Saturday!


Red Writing Hood: What I Want Most

This week's prompt focused on character development. We asked you to tell us what your character - or you -wants. It's a way to get to know your character or yourself better.
What I Want
I can hear it before I see it; the helicopter hovering just beyond the edge of my neighborhood.  My daughter hears it, too. “What’s that?”  she cries. “It’s a helicopter” I reply, trying not to let my voice betray the worry that the presence of the helicopter brings. “Heh-ih-copper” she repeats, then continues to water the garden in the twilight. When we are finished with the garden and our outdoor play, we go into the house.  The helicopter still hovers in the air, and I know that there is trouble.  I turn on the news and, soon enough, I see that there is a water rescue taking place in the neighborhood just beyond my own.  My stomach sinks and I send up the closest thing I know to a prayer that someone’s baby is safe today.  A wish and a hope that this will be the time they spend their lives talkin…