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Except it's really Sunday because Blogger hates me.  Is it still messing with everyone else as much as it is with me?  Anyway, here's my beautiful family planting a Mother's Day gift for me:

Red Writing Hood: She Was Wrong

This week we asked you to write a post beginning with the words, "This was absolutely the last time" and ending with "She was wrong."
I wrote this post as a response to the above assignment.  I wasn't sure where it would take me, but it turns out it was a deep and painful place.  A place that has since healed, to be sure, but it surprised me.
She Was Wrong This was absolutely the last time I could stand to lie in my bed listening to my mother scream from the next room.  Tears rolled silently down the sides of my face as I lay frozen in terror.  Again and again, she called: “MELONEY!!”  Her voice was hoarse with the screaming. There was a time when the role of rescuer was reserved for my brother.  He was six years older than me and his room was closer to hers.  I never knew what happened at that end of the house.  I knew, of course, about the screams and curses that flew between my mother and stepfather, but I stayed in my room, as far away from the chaos as possibl…

Social Pariah

Welcome to my current neurotic breakdown:

A blogger deleted my comment.  I wish I could say I wasn't obsessing about it, but I am.  It happened like a week and a half ago and it's turned me into a middle school girl all over again.  Why?  Doesn't she like me?  What did I do wrong?  Would it seem overly crazy to email her and ask what happened?  Did it even go through in the first place?  Should I post a similar comment again just to be sure she meant to delete it?  Should I change my hair?  Should I ask my mom to buy me that pair of Z-Cavaricci's in an attempt to better fit in?


It seems at every stage of life, there is some new series of social hoops to navigate.  I usually don't even recognize this fact until I am in the middle of said social hoop.  I have never been adept at such things.  I have always been the chubby kid who is uncertain of her place in the social strata.  I have always been awkward and shy alternating with overly brash and obnoxious (rea…

Hairy Stout...and other fun stuff my kid says

Kids.  As I believe the old saying goes, they say the darndest things.  Mine is no exception.  In general, her understanding of and ability to reproduce language is very good.  So good in fact, that it can be disturbingly clear when she has overheard mommy and daddy  someone at daycare saying a bad word.  I found her with my cell phoned the other day looking at the screen saying, "Dammit".  Those other kids are such a bad influence!  She wasn't screaming or acting out, just saying very matter of fact like of course this is what you say when you are on the phone.

She's also taken to mimicking adult conversations when she plays.  She might go into another room and then come back and cross her arms and jabber (she still does this sometimes!  Yea!) and then top all the fast talk off with an, "Any-way, see ya later" and then go back to the other room.  The "anyway" is always all drawn out and, for her, seems to be the hallmark of grown-up conversation.