Counting my Blessings

I want to take time to realize how blessed, how amazingly lucky my life is.  It's easy to pick things to complain about.  It's easy to spend our time being snarky and jaded.  Believe me, I spend a lot of time being those things.  But here, right now, I want to spend some time listing some of the wonderful parts of my life.  Perhaps, if nothing else, wallowing in my good fortune will help balance out those moments when I allow the negativity to take over.

I am so grateful that I have a healthy child.  Each night, my child goes to sleep in a warm bed with a full belly.  She knows love and kindness and little else of the world.  Though she was many weeks premature, she has developed normally.  She is a healthy eater.  She is an excellent sleeper.  She is curious and imaginative and opinionated.  She is, overall, a delightful child and I can't believe I have have the good fortune to call her my daughter.

I am thankful that I have a loving husband.  He works hard for our family but also spends time connecting with us; work does not outweigh his attendance to our emotional needs.  He is able to tolerate me, even love me, with all of my craziness (and people, it is plentiful).  He is supportive and caring and smart and loving.  He is my best friend and I love him so much.

I am blessed to have best friends who help carry my load.  I hope that I help them carry theirs, too.  My friends are such smart, capable, strong women.  Without them, I wouldn't be the woman I am today.  They are the definition of what anyone would want friends to be.

I have a job and a home and a car that runs.  I have experience that tells me these things are not guaranteed.  Beyond that, I look around the world and know that some people live with uncertainty, wondering where they will sleep tonight, where their next meal will come from, how they will feed their children.  My luck at not having these worries astounds me.  Fortune has smiled on my life in ways I might not have imagined in my younger life.

Thank you, Universe.  Thank you, God.  Thank you, Karma.  Today, I count my blessings and they are many.


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