I need to take a moment to capture a few of the adorable things my little Nugget is doing these days.  I want to remember, someday, what she was like at a given age.  Already I can see that all of the ages quickly run together and you can't remember if they started talking when they were 12 months or 12 years because it seems like things were always just the way they are now.  So:

She's started making up nicknames for everything.  For instance, her BFF, her stuffed Piglet.  She might call him any one of the following: Pigs, Pig eyes, Piggly Wiggly or Pigwies.  Just FYI, his initial nickname was just "Piggy" and this donned by The Mister and myself.  She might call crackers "cracks" or cookies "cooks."  She calls her jacket "jacks."  And she talks to these various inanimate objects like they are all friends of hers.  I.E. "Let's go, cracks!"

She loves to say goodbye to things when we leave the house.  "Goodbye, Piggy.  Goodbye, water.  Goodbye, Barnyard Dance."

She loves to sing and can sing many songs through and through now.  She will burst into song at the top of her voice at times.  "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "ABC" represent some of her best work.

She is very supportive and caring.  The other night she wanted me to fill a cup with water while playing with her in the tub.  She handed me the cup and said, "You can do it Mommy.  Try!"  She frequently give us a rousing "Good job!", most recently after The Mister filled her milk up correctly.  She comforts her toys when they seems sad to her, saying, "It's all right."  She also tells them to have sweet dreams when she puts them to bed.

She likes to pretend now to be my baby again (wiping tears) and will let me "pretend" to rock her and sing to her during play now.  She plays my role when she holds her toys.

She makes the funniest proclamations.  Occasionally she will break out, "Oh, my goodness.  Look at that!" over some everyday item.  Or just, "Oh, my gosh."

If you ask her if she wants something, instead of "okay", which used to be her habit, she has switched to a very deliberate "yes."  So grown up.

And that, in a teeny, tiny snapshot, is my current list of what she does right now.  She delights me more each and every day!


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