Hickory Dickory Dog

The Nugget is at an insanely cute AND irritating age all at once.  On the positive side, the cute definitely outweighs the irritating.  Mostly that annoying part comes out when she is tired or not feeling well.  Some days I am teetering on the edge of sanity (which gives me SO much more sympathy for parents who are dealing with more difficult situations than mine).  To keep my sanity, here are some cute things from this long winter:

The Nugget got a lot of fake food for Christmas.  She loves playing with it; her imagination is just flourishing.  We "cook" and "eat" several times a day.  One of the foods in the toy bin is a hot dog.  She has somehow connected this to the song "Hickory Dickory Dock" and has begun calling it a Hickory Dickory Dog.  I want to eat her up!

The Nugget has decided in past couple of months that we are no longer "mommy" and "daddy", we are now just "mom" and "dad".  I had no idea that she would come to this decision on her own.  I thought that we would discuss this transition, perhaps when she was school age or pre-teen or even about to get married.  Not only that, but she has taken to calling me "Meloney" periodically.  Dude, you are not even two yet.  Slow down!  I guess as long as she doesn't switch to the more formal "mother" and "father" I will try to cope.

Foods best loved by The Nugget right now:  salad (you heard me right), blueberries, grapes and noodles.  She continues to be pretty adventurous with her food (thank goodness).  Sadly, she has discovered a love of french fries and can recognize the type of junk food we bring home and try to hide from her, but she still eats healthy foods like a champ.

And now, gratuitous cuteness from this winter so far:

Do I have anything on my face?

What up, dog?


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