Dear Birth Mother

How can I wrap up all of my hopes and dreams, all of my worries and fears, all of the roads that have led our family to yours, in a single note?  The short answer is, I can't.  I can't do it any more than you can readily know that you are making the right choice in our family by reading the little bit of information on the pages you're provided by the agency.

I can try to tell you that there is more than just a baby in this adoption for us.  There is an opportunity that I didn't know existed before we began this process.  Each day I think of you, wondering what your struggles are, wondering if you are okay.  I hold your heart, this woman I don't yet know, close to my own.  I send up my prayers for your well-being, for your health, for your peace.  And know this: I do these things not only because I think I will get the child that you carry, but because you deserve it.

I can share with you that I know, as a mother, that the decision you are making is not your first choice.  I know that if things were different, another time, more support, more money - whatever the gap,that if that gap were closed, this baby would stay by your side.  The truth is, if I knew how to help you close that gap, I would do it, even if that meant no more children for our family.  Because you deserve it.

Since I dont know what happens prior to us joining together to give this child the best life we know how to give, let me assure you this: we love you and we love this child.  We don't know you yet, but we know your hearts are drawing ever closer to ours each day.  We make a space, each day a bit larger, for the little one you carry in your womb.  There is so much room in our hearts for this child, so much love that overflows and will wash over you both.  We will honor you, we will honor our promises to you, we will honor our child.

My mother's heart cannot wait to hold this new little heart next to it, to cup it gently in my hands like a delicate baby bird, to watch it grow stronger until one day we are all ready to open our hands and watch the beautiful flight.  Until then, though you don't yet know it, we are here for you, for both of you, even now.


  1. beautiful. plain and simple. beautiful.

  2. I'm sobbing bittersweet tears. Prayers to all of you.

    1. You are so very sweet. Thank you.

  3. This is a wonderful letter. I hold you in my heart.. what a wonderful thing to speak!

  4. Simply beautiful! Full of your heart!

  5. Beautifully written and spoken from the heart. Well done.

  6. Your words are so articulate and touching.

  7. This was lovely to read, and you have a beautiful heart :)

  8. It's going to be a gorgeous journey with you involved.


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