We officially reached the age a while back that The Nugget needs to know why.  Why what, you ask?  Well, the answer is simple: everything.

I find myself answering a flurry of questions (often non-sensical) each day.  If I tell her that we are going home after a given activity, I might get the following conversation:

The Nugget:  "Momma, why are we going home and not to the store?"

Me:  "Because we need to get home and feed the dogs."

The Nugget:  "Why is the store closed?"

Me:  "The store isn't closed, we just aren't going there right now."

The Nugget:  "Why do the doggies need to go poopie?"

Me:  "Because everyone has to go poopie sometimes.  It's our job to make sure the dogs are taken care of because we are their owners and they are our friends."

The Nugget:  "Why did Dandy [one of the dogs] chew up my Snow White?"

Me:  "Because you left it on the floor and he thought is was his toy.  We all make mistakes."

The Nugget:  "Why do we all make mistakes?"

Me:  "Well, honey, nobody is perfect.  It's okay to make mistakes sometimes."

The Nugget:  "Why does Snow White taste good?"

Me: "...."

I've been wondering why I've been so tired lately.  Even just writing this post helps me realize how very much energy I am using to fend off this constant barrage of daily questions.  The funny thing is, I hardly even notice she's doing it most of the time.  I just answer on auto pilot.  We had friends over recently and the giggling of one friend sort of woke me from my question-answer stupor.  She was laughing at me and my daughter as we went through our current routine.

Which I guess leads me to one question:



  1. Ha! I"m exhausted just reading this post. It makes me laugh because I know exactly how you feel. :)

  2. Aidan is more of a "well.." than a "why?" He'll negotiable more than inquire. Funny and exhausting these little ones.

  3. Maybe you should start asking her questions. I bet the answers would be hysterical!!

  4. OMG, we are right there with you. And it is truly exhausting.

    My favorite: "Mama, I'm talking to you!! Why aren't you answering me?"

    Um, oops.


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