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The Nugget has been an absolute delight lately.  I can only remember once in recent history when I even had to so much as put her in time out.  I realize that by writing this that I have now cursed us and this wonderful period will come to a screeching halt, but it's worth it because I want to remember this wonderful, wonderful time.

One of her current fascinations is singing.  She has learned most of the words to "Part of That World" from "The Little Mermaid".  If given time and opportunity, she will sing it.  Loudly.  Repeatedly.  She is still at that wonderful age where there is little to no sense of embarrassment, so we might even be out to dinner when she breaks loudly into song.  She is usually a little chagrined when I suggest that she needs to use and inside voice when out in public, but she will comply.  Comically, she gets a few of the words wrong which makes it all the more delightful.  A recent interpretation:

"Wanderin' freeze, wish I could be, none of that world..."   and
"What's a fire and why does it, what's the word, bird?"

Yes, our ears get tired after a while from the loud and repetitive singing.  It sometimes makes it hard to talk on the phone or concentrate on, well, anything.  But it won't last.  If there's one thing I know about parenting, none of it lasts very long.

She is also just so verbal.  She really is good at articulating things.  Sometimes she gets a bit stuck and goes into this long repeat mode where she starts a sentence over and over because she can't quite get what she wants to say in the end.  It makes me proud that she doesn't get frustrated and give up but she keeps trying until she finds the words she is looking for.  It is especially refreshing as we are coming out of a stage of regression where The Nugget, who was practically born talking in full sentences, wanted to grunt and talk in baby talk.  I tried to go with it and just encourage her to use words.  I try hard, and sometimes it really is hard, to let her be where she is and just be there with her however I can.

The other great thing about now is that we are starting to develop this real relationship with one another.  She enjoys doing errands with me (though she may have less patience for them than I do).  Just last night we were at Target and she said, "Mom, can I stay at Target forever?"  I laughed and laughed because of course I want to do the same thing!  Also, she and I can have lots of fun right now because she is not yet embarrassed of me.  We spent a good 40 minutes at the Beauty Brands store the other day just dancing, singing and trying on all manner of makeup.  I am certain that one day she will not think that is quite as cool as it is now.

This moment in time, it's a good one.  A great one.  I love being the mother of this beautiful, happy girl.


  1. What is it about Target!? I love that she said she wanted to stay there forever!
    :) Great moments to share.

  2. Ah enjoy it! Hopefully she'll continue to like being around you - my 15-year-old doesn't hate it yet;)

  3. I love her interpretation of the words in the song. Way too cute!

  4. I remember loving this phase too.


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