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I am about a week late on this list, which I am a little concerned might get me kicked off of the interwebs.  It just slipped my mind to get it done but one which I thought was a lot of fun and therefore had to complete, even if late!
So, here you have, Top 5 Famous Folks I Used to Fancy.  Lots of people have linked up to this post, so to see more lists of people who make us swoon, click the link above and head over to Kate Takes 5 and check out lots of lists.  It took me right back to those early teen years of tearing out pictures from Teen Beat and plastering them all over my room!
1.  Scott Baio

To be clear, I had no idea what a total d-bag he was in real life.  I just knew that I wouldn't have minded having Charles in charge of me!  Now, if I ran into him on the street, I would punch him in the gut (or at least trip him).  But back then, his picture adorned my wall.
2.  Corey Haim

Back in the day, there were arguments over who was cuter - Haim or Feldman.  In my mind, there was never a contest.  He was adorable.  Of course, real life didn't turn out as well for C.H.  All of that adorable spark and charm were eaten up by drugs before his death, which makes my list a sad.  But he was a cutie pie way back when.
3.  Michael Jackson

I still remember getting this album and marveling over everything about it.  It was one of the only vinyl records I ever owned as the cassette and then CD overtook the market quickly, but the still normal-looking Michael was dreamy and sweet.  Another sad ending to another teenage crush.
4.  Kurt Cameron

He was cute and funny - what was not to love.  And, of all of these teen crushes, it seems he turned out the best.
5.  Ferris Beuller

I know he's not a real person and just a character played by Matthew Broderick.  Who is okay.  But Ferris is kick-ass awesome.  Who wouldn't want to date him or at least hang out?  One of the better movies of my youth.
So, there you have it, a top five list of crushes from my early teens.  Don't forget to click the link and check out who other people were crushing on way back when!


  1. Oh, I was so in love with Kirk!!!

  2. Dreamy :)

    I would totally date Farris. Really, who wouldn't. And talk about the dream day date; lunch with Abe Froman (The Sausage King of Chicago), Cubs game, parade and the art museum. Sounds like a prefect day in Chicago. Too bad I was more likely to be like the sister character in that movie.
    I love the lists, think I may need to make my own... stay tuned.

  3. Corey Haim was definitely the cuter Corey!!

  4. I didn't know Scott Baio is/was a D bag in real life.

    Can you hear the sounds of my dreams being dashed out here in southern California?


    p.s. I love Ferris. Also Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything. Yep. Gotta go with the quirky guy. Every time.


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