Free Time

As I was driving home from climbing in my car from work the other day, the babysitter texted me:  "The Nugget is sleeping.  Feel free to take your time before you come to get her."


Perhaps to preface my level of my excitement I should make sure you know that The Nugget only goes to daycare about 3 hours per day and has NEVER taken a nap while she was there.

I nearly drove off the road made sure the car was safely in park before texting back: "Oh, my!  How long has she been asleep?"  To which she replied: "Only about 45 minutes.  Take your time."


While I narrowly avoided hitting the car in the next lane sat in the safety of my parked car, I texted back: "Maybe I'll just run to the grocery.  See you soon."

But my mind was racing!  According to my calculations, The Nugget would sleep about one more hour at this point.  A whole hour with which to do whatever I wanted without the toddler along for the ride.  My first task was, obviously, to calmly make a list of my options in my head while I drove home:

Change the sheets, read a magazine, take a nap, wash the towels, go the grocery, brush the cat, put away the diapers, run the dishwasher, wash The Nugget's clothing (including her beloved Piggy, which is much harder to do with her present), read my Kindle, mop the floors, clean the kitchen...

As the mother of a toddler, I can now get five times the stuff done in one hour as I used to get done in an hour prior to having kids.  I was on a high.  I was superwoman!  A WHOLE HOUR to myself!

You'd be amazed how much of this list I actually got done.  I decided it was to my advantage to take on tasks which required the use of the stairs as this is where The Nugget bogs me down the most.  She always wants to go with me instead of waiting for me to be right back, and each trip up and down the stairs takes her at least 10 minutes because she views it as a sight-seeing tour of the various bits of fuzz and dirt on the stairs, as well as the perfect opportunity to discuss any and all topics of the day (which can only be done while she is fully stopped on the middle of the stairs; she has not yet mastered talking and climbing).   So up and down the stairs I ran, accomplishing tasks great and small, for my next hour of freedom.

I arrived to a freshly awakened Nugget, whom I scooped up and took to a healthy eatery fast food joint in order to reward her for giving Mommy some much-needed alone time.  Still high from my treat, we then tackled the grocery store.  Yes, by the end, she had worn me down with her whining, but, by God, we got it done!

It's the little things, folks.  That's what keeps me going.


  1. LOL! That sounds very familiar. :)

  2. Hooray for surprise naps. Cute post - will have to follow your blog and keep an eye on it! Found you via TRDC

  3. I know how liberating a little time on your own can be. Glad you enjoyed it!


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