Making Babies

The other day I was relaxing on the couch when The Nugget walked up to me and said, "I want a baby sister."


To be totally fair, this was not completely out of the blue.  I have been talking to her lately about whether or not she wants us to have another baby.

So my response was: "I thought you said you wanted a baby brother?"  This is what she had previously requested.

"I want a baby brother and a baby sister!" she cried.

I laughed.  "Well, honey, it's going to take us a while to make you one of each."

Pretty soon, she was pulling on me and begging me to get up off the couch.   I couldn't figure out what was going on.

"What's wrong, Nugget?"

"Momma, let's go make!"  she pleaded.

Oh.  She wants me to go into the kitchen and "make" her a baby brother and a baby sister.  Right now.  After all, when she wants me to make cookies, we whip them right up together!  Obviously, this can't be that different, right?

Rather than dive into the birds and the bees, I distracted her with a book, but I am documenting this for the world to see and tucking it away for when she does have a baby brother or sister so that I can prove to her that, yes, at one point she actually asked for this!  And she wanted it NOW!


  1. I love how easy everything seems to a child.

  2. How cute. Yes, she will need this reminder when she is in the middle of an argument with a sibling and wishes she was still the only child.

    Too cute.


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