The Best Day of the Month

My favorite day of the month is whenever this baby arrives in my mailbox:

It makes my heart go pitter-patter just seeing it lying there in my mail box.  I begin each reading with great debate over whether to plow right through it in one self-indulgent evening or savor it, stretching the reading out over the course of a week or so (I don't think I've ever made it last longer than that, save for possibly during those early, sleep deprived days of parenthood).

I was lucky enough to marry The Mister whose father and step mother had been getting this magazine which I somehow NEVER KNEW ABOUT for many years.  My first visit to their home became an opportunity to read as many back issues as down time would allow.  It was fabulous!

Lucky for me, those same wonderful in-laws got me a subscription to this magazine after seeing my zest for it at their home (and possibly wondering about this strange new daughter-in-law who would rather read magazine after magazine that interact with her family).  They thankfully accepted the introvert in me and have renewed this most awesome gift every year.

If you have never checked out Real Simple, I highly recommend rushing to the store to purchase one or heading straight over to the website: where you will find proof of its divinity.   There is a bit of something for everyone to savor in here.  Recipes, practical tips for every day living, fashion advice, organizing and human interest stories.  Just a few things I have learned to do (or do better) due to Real Simple's advice: cook on the grill, shave my armpits and throw easy get-togethers (not necessarily in that order).

Plus, I so love curling up with a magazine.  For me, on a quiet evening while The Mister is at work and The Nugget is in bed, there is little that tops curling up on the couch with a blanket and a Diet Coke to relish my magazine time.  The next best thing is the Pottery Barn catalog, which I feel counts as a magazine as it is so large and beautiful that it can often take me more than one sitting to pore over.


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