Why I Believe in Fairy Tales

I know a lot of women blame fairy tales for giving them unrealistic expectations of relationships.  Books and movies often portray a woman (admittedly, often helpless) who is swept away by a knight in shining armor and lives, well, happily ever after.  People claim that this doesn't exist, that roles are stereotypical, that happiness is a daily choice and that the whole thing is oversimplified.  Perhaps it is, but I think maybe they are looking with the wrong eyes.  Here is a glimpse into my personal happily ever after:

I have been home with the two kids all day by myself while The Mister is at work.  I am tired.  I am overwhelmed.  I am feeling, if I'm honest, pretty helpless and in need of saving.  I hear the garage door opening and know that my knight's steed is approaching.

The Mister enter's the castle, our home, and sees his fair maiden wilting under the pressure of motherhood.  He sweeps the baby from her arms and changes her diaper and feeds her a bottle.  Did you hear his chain mail clinking?

Once he has put the baby down for a nap, he takes the older child into the yard and plays ball with her. I am almost blinded by the glare of the sun on his armor.  This man who has worked hard all day and come home to find a puddle of goo in place of his wife does not pause for a shower, does not ask what he can have for his reward, but he saves me, rescues me from the dragon that motherhood can sometimes be, draws his sword against my fears and helps me push forward.

THAT is a fairy tale ending.  My knight may drive a four wheeled steed.  His armor may be disguised by a work uniform, but have not doubt, he is my hero, and every day, in a million little ways, he saves me and moves me toward our happily ever after.  Without him, I don't know where I would be or how I would do it.  I am so lucky that it really is like a fairy tale for me.


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