Snowmageddon 2014

Text exchange between a friend and I:


Me: Please save me from the prison that is my home!  Need break from child!

Him: Having school cancelled tomorrow really gave me a good understanding of Jack in the last half hour of  "The Shining".

Me: Redrum


Me: (much cursing) school is cancelled again tomorrow!

Him: School cancelled.  Also, can't find razor blades.


Him:  School cancelled Thursday.  This is the end.  Beautiful friend.  The end.

Me: (mercilessly) Guess what sucker?  My kid has school tomorrow!


I still haven't heard from said friend.  I can only assume he succumbed to his worst instincts after being trapped in a house with two young children for 5 days.  I am afraid to check.

Just so you know, I had multiple text conversations with multiple friends in this same vein.  It's important to vent, folks!

We've all been under weather advisories here in Indiana with a foot of snow and temps well below zero, so no going out to play in that snow.  Needless to say, everyone's starting to feel a bit cooped up.  And I feel like I'm gaining weight by the second as the tendency to bake when stuck inside and eat when bored are a deadly combination.  I'm not saying we did, but my family and I may have polished off a pineapple cake in two days.  I mean, if other families did stupid and gluttonous things like that, then maybe we did too.  But if not?  Then we definitely did not.

In other news, baby's due date has been delayed by a few weeks.  Which is just fine with me because she would have been due during all this mess and it would have stressed me out like crazy.  Let's hope we have better weather when she makes her appearance!


  1. My daughter went back to university after visiting for three weeks. Week 1: great. Week 2: good. Week 3: When are you going home? Now I kind of miss her again. It never gets easier!


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