On Love

Last week on Tuesday, I went to work.  The day was normal, some parts good, some parts harder.  It might have been rainy or sunny, warm or cold.  A regular day.  Until...

We got, as they say in the adoption world, THE CALL.  A mother read our profile and wanted to meet us the next day.  I frantically scribbled down details about the birth mother, her situation, where we would meet.  I texted The Mister and told him we had a meeting the next day.  I went back to work.

Just like that, after 10 months of silence, we had a meeting.  As it turns out, she cancelled that first meeting.  It didn't worry me; I could only image being in her shoes and trying to work up the courage for this meeting.  Hell, it was hard for US to work up the courage.  But we rescheduled for just a couple of days later.

And then, there she was.  The woman who will change our lives forever.  She came to the table with a plate spilling over with burdens.  She smiled sweetly and shared openly and captured our hearts.  The hearts they tell you to guard because of that "what if" that lingers behind every adoption match.  The hearts that have no idea how to jump in and hold back all at once.

 And so, for us, we will err on the side of love.  We know how to love.  We want to love this woman and her child and our child as well.  And if it turns out that we spend this love on someone who keeps her baby, well, then it will still have been love well spent.  We know how to hurt, we know how to heal.  We can do that later if we need to.  For now, we love.

A baby girl, due January 7th, is in that worried mama's belly right now.  With lots of love and lots of luck, we will bring her home early next year and she, and her birth mother, will help make our family complete.  What's not to love about that?


  1. Chills. Hoping for the best.

  2. I like the way your heart and your head think together. Happy for you.

  3. OMG, so amazing! And erring on the side of love? Good call!!

  4. Gah. Your love makes me cry. What a gift to this momma, whatever path she chooses. Holding your heart in mine.


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