Say What - The Munchkin

I am aware that The Munchkin gets much less attention than her sister did in terms of documenting her life.  I'm trying, but a second child adds something like 4 children worth of activities.  Here are a few things she says (or said recently):

1.  When she saw a photo of herself recently, she would point to herself in the picture and say, "my you".  Of course we would confirm, yes, that is you.  Now she calls the photo by her own name.

2.  How she came to know of them I don't know, but she is afraid of "monkers" (or monsters) and "gose" (or ghosts).  She is convinced that the light that shines on her ceiling from her nightlight is a ghost (but doesn't want to get rid of said light).

3.  In the path of her older sister, she can make a verb of any noun by adding "ing".  She said, "It's darking" instead of "it's getting dark" the other day.

4.  When she wants something, she will say, "I WHANT it".  Adding an h sound where none heretofore existed.

5.  She calls hair bows "boops".  LOVE IT.

6.  When trying to direct you where to go, instead of saying "this way" she says "dis whey".

7.  She has learned about the concept of later.  Now each time I tell her we aren't going to do something or she can't have something, she very earnestly asks me, "Waiter?"  It's cute until she does it every day a thousand times.  But one day I'll remember it fondly:)


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