Say What?

This two and a half year old munchkin of ours, she provides lots of laughs (along with some headaches).  Here are a few of her phrases these days:

1.  Any time the sky gets dim, she runs to us yelling, "Ih's fwainee!!"  In Munchkin speak, this means, "It's raining!!"  This is the first weather phenomenon that she has recognized, and it's fair to say that she is fully obsessed.  Days are getting shorter,  so when she goes to bed and the light is dim, "Ih's fwainee!!"  When she wakes up to more dim light, "Ih's fwainee!!"  Along with her obsession with the rain, she worries constantly about the cars getting wet.  Often, "Car wet!" are the first words she says to me when I see her in the morning.  No amount of persuasion can convince her that it is not, in fact, raining and that the car is dry.  When it actually IS raining, watch out.  These topics are on a constant state of repeat for hours on end.

2.  When she has a stinky diaper, I will often tell her: "Shoo-Whee!"  She has taken over this phrase with great gusto and anytime her diaper is either wet or stinky she will give a dramatic rendition of this complete with waving hand in front of her nose to deflect the "smell".

3.  She still has LOTS of incomprehensible speech.  Even so, this kid has conviction.  So she will give long stories in complete gibberish.  She will also repeat her gibberish over and over trying to make us those with the thick skulls understand what she is talking about.  She is so much like a teacher in a classroom of kids who do not understand their new Algebra.  Very patient, not getting loud, just repeating and repeating and repeating.

4.  She will spontaneously say, "I yuh you" (I love you).  Melts me every time.

5.  When she perceives that anyone is hurt or upset she will come to us and say, "Okay?"  She will pat us and kiss us and hug us to help us feel better.

I love this stage of development where her personality is really starting to shine.  She is strong and caring and loving and so much fun.


  1. Sooooooooo adorable! I (sometimes) miss those days!

    Hope you'll drop by and visit me at! Blessings, Stephanie


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