The Munchkin Turns 2

Oh, my little girl, you are two!

You, my love, have got such a personality!!

I joke that someday you will have a very social job like cruise director!  Certainly, the life of the party, which you already are.  You have absolutely got joie de vivre, your smile can light up any room and you have a knack for drawing people in.

You are still working hard on your language skills, so communication can be a big area of frustration for you.  Smiling and screaming are two of your current extremes.  You do have lots of words though.  You love animals and can name several animals and their sounds.

This year we had a "Bobo" party (or Elmo to those who don't understand the translation).  You love Bobo, you love baby Einstein videos.  One of your favorite activities right now is to hold hand with Mom, Dad and The Nugget around the dinner table and sway back and forth to whatever music is playing.  You LOVE music and dancing and I have already seen your future as a crowd surfer at some concert.  You're wild about your big sister and want to do everything she does (much to her frustration, and yours, at times).  You two both play and feud at times.  Food is perhaps your toughest subject.  You have not voluntarily eaten a vegetable yet and only eat them in baby food purees.  Mom is still trying to learn to relax and let you live on the things you will eat.  I hope know you'll be off the baby food by college.

This year has taken you from crawling to walking.  You have recently graduated from your braces for clubbed feet (and nobody would ever know you'd even had them!).  You climb and jump.  You have traveled to Florida and New York and New Hampshire and just been a busy, busy bee.  A few pics:

I can't imagine my life without you!  I can't wait to see what next year brings.  I love you!


  1. The world needs more cruise directors! Happy happiness to you and yours.


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