Game Time

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to invite you to play a game!  People of all ages, gather round for a guessing game that I like to call:

Toddler or Cat

All you have to do is correctly guess the answer to each question by using the word either Toddler or Cat.  

Winners will receive the right to pat themselves on their own back.  No further prizes exist.

So now, if you're ready, let us begin!!!

1.  Likes to scream at the door anytime she or he is not allowed to follow the dog out.
Did you guess cat?  Give yourself one pat!  He will continue to cry until the dog comes in or he manages to escape, resulting in much cursing, crying and barefoot chasing around the yard.

2.  Likes to dig into the laundry and get a pair or pairs of underpants wrapped around her or his head.
Did you guess toddler?  One more pat!  This is an EVERY. DAY. OCCURRENCE.  

3.  Attempts to get all of the things off of all of the surfaces all of the time (think counters, tables, etc).
It's a tricky one!  It's both toddler AND cat!  Did you get it right?  Once more pat for you!

4.  Tries to climb into the washer and or dryer each time that I am doing laundry thereby significantly slowing down the laundry process.
Another trick question!!  Toddler AND cat would be the correct answer.  One more pat for you my friend!

5.  Has climbed into the bathtub during other people's baths multiple times.
Cat.  It's the cat.  The inexplicable cat.  Did you say cat?  One more pat!

6.  Attempts to get into the shower repeatedly during and after my showers.
Here's another toddler AND cat for the win.  Pat pat!

7.  Meows upon waking.
Did you see this coming?  Toddler!  Hope you earned a pat!

8. Climbs on top of the furniture despite repeated admonishments.
And…it's another toddler AND cat!  Pat yourself if you're starting to catch on that they are very nearly one and the same.

9.  Loves to chase the little red laser beam!!!
Both.  Both the toddler and the cat.  Because…well, because.  Did you get a pat?

10. Is one of the great joys of my life.
Toddler.  But the cat is a close second.


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