One of our little family obsessions games is finding shoes on the side of the road.  Just kind of a road game that The Mister and I play as we drive along wherein we see a shoe and scream "SHOE!".  Maybe not so much a game as a thing we do.  I brought it to the marriage.  

I have noticed for years that people seem to lose an absurd amount of shoes either in or along side of the road.  It baffles me.  I mean, I can understand the occasional flip flop flying off of a foot propped out the car window, but often times I see shiny dress shoes, nice looking tennis shoes or boots.  How IN THE LOVE do you lose a tie on dress shoe while driving down the road?  I think I started yelling out "SHOE" just so I would know that I wasn't the only one seeing these things.  Once I saw a whole gaggle of shoes in the road, like 10 in a pile.  It's like they were there just for me.

I have long thought about what a great coffee table book this would make.  At least to me.  But maybe I'm the only one who notices this phenomenon.  Also, I often spot these shoes on the side of interstates and the photography would prove difficult and dangerous in the best of conditions.  I did make a point for a couple of weeks a while back to stop and photograph shoes that were in a safe and reasonable place.  It didn't take long to collect quite a few photos.

Maybe some kid threw this out the window?

Just ready for a new style?
Walked out of it?
Just not your sole mate?
Came unfastened?
The elusive pair of shoes.  I'm guessing the owner got
a new pair that he or she couldn't wait to get into.
Knocked off by the train?
I assure you, the above photos were all collected in and around where I live.  I saw more shoes than this during my photo period, but these were only ones that could be easily photographed.  None of these are staged in any way.

So is it just me?  Or, more accurately, now that I have dragged The Mister into this, us?  Do you ever notice how many shoes are left alongside the road?  Have you ever lost a shoe while in transit?  If so, share your story.  I'd love to know even part of what's going on out there.


  1. hi my dear
    I'm Ahmad from Luxor - Egypt
    how are U ??


  2. We once found a man's boxers on the street in front of our house, not mine nor my son's. That was indeed very confusing.


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