The Munchkin - 18 Months

My spunky little girl, how is it that you are already 18 months old?  You have gotten so big!  You are taller than the kitchen table now.  As you have for months, you love to climb.  Everything.  Mommy, primarily, but also Daddy and Sissy and the kitchen tables and the fridge and the stove and pretty much anything you can get purchase on.  You are on the go and BUSY all of the time.  You have already learned to climb out of both your pack and play and your crib.  Lucky for Mom and Dad, you still wear your boots for clubbed feet at night, so I think that will buy us a little more time in the crib (at night, anyway).

You love your sister.  You climb on her a lot too, which incites a lot of screaming on her part.  But you two are finally getting to an age where you will play happily together sometimes and it pleases me so much to hear you both giggling away.

You love to explore and have no fear.  When we took you to the ocean this summer you went right for it and didn't miss a beat!

I won't mention what happened to that swim suit but suffice it to say we never saw it again after that day.  No, it is not safe to go to beach without a swim diaper.

You CANNOT STAND having your hair fixed.  You will rip out any bow or barrette or pig tail I put in and, on top of that, you will rub as much food in your hair as possible if I try and fix it.  So natural it is, often very messy and natural.  But I still try sometimes:)

Words are FINALLY coming for you.  This has been a frustration on both sides, you because you cannot communicate what you want and therefore wind up frustrated.  Mom and Dad because we can't deduce what you want and also wind up frustrated with the amount of screaming you do.  Your favorite words right now are: dog, cat, up, go, mom, dad and the sign language word for more (which you pretty much use any time you feel agreeable to a suggestion).

You are busy.  You are silly.  You love to dance and to hug and if I ask you to get the baby you will find a doll and hug it and pat its back and say, "aww".  You can be very sweet and you can also get VERY angry when you don't get your way.  You exhaust me and challenge me every day and I certainly feel every year of being an older mother when I am with you, but you also make me laugh and smile every day too.  I love you, little one.  Here's to many more happy, busy years together.


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