Things that Make me Almost Unreasonably Happy

You know, there's just some stuff that makes me smile.  And smile.  And then smile some more.  Usually these are little things, moments that happen and move past so quickly in my days that they are almost too quick to notice.  I thought I would share some of them with you.

1.  My fitted sheets for my king sized bed have a label telling me which side is the top/bottom (and therefore avoiding a frequent mistake I've made with previous sheets of attempting to put the sides on the top/bottom).  Life.  Changing.

2.  My five year old daughter skips places.  She is not being ironic.  She wants to go to the kitchen from the living room?  Skipping is a reasonable transportation method.  Love.

3.  My little plastic scraper that gets gunk out of the bottom of my pans before I scrub them.  It's just a one inch by one inch piece of hard plastic, but it is awesome.  I'm telling you people, it's the little things.

4.  My clear hand soap dispensers.  To be clear, I do not use the throw away ones and so many refillable ones are solid colors so I don't know when to fill or when I am about to overfill them.  I found some clear ones and they have made the little corner of my life taken up by hand soap complete.

5.  Fancy catalogues.  Well, they don't even really need to be fancy.  I love the Pottery Barn catalogue just as much as the Lillian Vernon.  They're like free magazines.

6.  Which brings me to magazines.  I still get Real Simple every month and every month it is a complete delight to both behold and digest.  I've actually been behind on reading them since baby came along, but in a way that has only added to the fun of the imaginary day I could spend under the blanket on the couch reading away.  I know that day doesn't exist, but I can dream it.

7.  My eight month old daughter's strong opinions.  She never fails to delight because 99% of the time she is totally agreeable and goes along with whatever the plan is.  But that 1%?  She will take you down.  I'm glad she has that in her - her sister does too - it makes me feel like they will be able to take care of themselves.

What delights you?


  1. Happiness, my own, and others, delights me. Also, I just got back from a Little Miss Sunshine viewing/birthday party. Delightful.


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