Coming up for Breath

Hello out there!  Unlike my usual, highly unpredictable and totally nonsensical blogging breaks, I have been swallowed by the gaping maw that is parenting a newborn.  If you were to make a movie of my last seven weeks, it would be a totally dichotomous.  The first movie would be a love story:

Title: Falling in Love All Over Again
Tag line: She never knew a heart could stretch so far, until she met her second child.
Trailer: Mother and child in an open field of wild flowers, soft sunlight filtering down around them as they gaze lovingly into one another's eyes while soft music plays and butterflies flit by.  Fade out gently.

The second movie, well, it's a bit more of a horror story:

Title: It Cries
Tag line: You can cover your ears, you can hide your eyes but you cannot escape because…IT CRIES!
Trailer: A mother tiptoeing from the side of a crib in a darkened nursery.  Menacing music plays.  Just as she reaches the doorway, a scream erupts from the crib and the mother's face is stricken with fear.  Snap to black.

The Munchkin, well, she cries.  A lot.  But only while we are driving or cooking or showering or interacting with her sister or cleaning or in any way not holding her.  If we do the holding, the crying is at a totally normal level.  No holding, well,  all bets are off.  So we all cry, some of us more literally than others (sorry honey).  Every time I start to think we've hit our stride and will survive this phase, like maybe I've broken the surface of the water and can gulp my lungs full of air, we have a really bad day.  But we've had some really good one's, too.  So, we are in survival mode.  Hopefully soon to enter thriving mode, but right now, just breathing in and breathing out feels like a victory we can accept.

The Munchkin, happy in The Nugget's arms.


  1. I remember my husband holding baby across his arm and doing a lot of walking. First three months were hard. They are so cute together.

  2. You. Can. Do. This. You. Will. Do. This. (What we used to say to ourselves with our daughter. She's almost 20 now. We did it.)

  3. She is GORGEOUS. You're going to get through this stage. Praying for you all, and The Munchkin. <3


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