Twelve Years

Today I celebrate 12 years of being married to my amazing husband.  So, here are 12 reasons I love him more now than I did on our wedding day:

1.  He has learned to never, ever comment on a new hair cut until I have expressed my own feelings about it.  This may seem nuts (because it is), but I tend to change hair styles frequently and I am not always happy with how things turn out.  Early on, The Mister used to tell me how great my hair looked the moment I returned from the salon.  After several years of tears, anger and generally poor reactions, he learned to leave it alone.  Thank you, dear.

2.  On my dark days, he reminds me that he married all of me, not just the fun and happy parts.

3.  He appreciates the need for us to have both shared and separate interests.  I don't plan to attend any NASCAR races anytime soon, but I'm thrilled that he wants to go.  He doesn't want to scour Target on a weekly basis, but he doesn't mind a bit that I do.

4.  He deals with all things electronic and then gives me the "for dummies" version.

5.  He always compliments my cooking no matter how simple, bland or even badly it turns out.

6.  He has amazing patience in teaching new skills to both myself and my daughter.  Our general reaction to learning things that frustrate us goes something like this: trying, trying, trying - MUST SMASH!  He talks us off the ledge.

7.  He has so much more character than I ever could have imagined in those early days.  Through the hardest of times, I have never questioned that he would ever leave my side and, instead, we have grown together through the challenges of life.

8.  He cleans the dog poo out of the yard.

9.  He lets me decorate the house however I want.

10.  The Mister is demonstrative in his love and affection toward our family and always supplies many hugs, kisses and "I love yous."

11.  He cries at movies.

12.  He makes me feel safe and secure in our marriage every day.


  1. Number 8 is very important. :-)

  2. Awesome. All that love AND he cleans up dog poop. ;-) Happy Anniversary.

  3. Love this! Your hubby rocks! And also thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. The college advice is golden and I will be thinking of it often!


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