Nugget Had a Little Lamb

And yes, its fleece IS white as snow.  And it's name, quite logically, is Mary.

Mary is terrorizing our household.

We've actually had this little stuffed lamb for a long time and The Nugget never took much interest in it.  A few weeks back, she picked it up and dubbed it Mary.  Since that time, Mary has caused no end of trouble.  First of all, she screams.  A lot.  Loudly.  In fairness to The Nugget, she seems eager to control the screaming by putting Mary into time out.  The screaming was the first behavior Mary displayed, so I just kind of chalked that up to The Nuggets need to have someone to control/boss around.  Now, however, Mary has moved into other behaviors.  She hits, she bites, she poops on things.  She tells The Nugget to do things (so far nothing too bad like killing us in our sleep, but who knows what is next).  I swear to you, The Nugget fights with Mary just like she's a sibling.  And she tattles on Mary just like she's a sibling, too.

At first, I was pleased when she took an interest in Mary.  Mary is, after all, a cute little lamb with a cute little name.  After weeks of bickering and tattling, however, I am ready to move on from the entire Mary situation.  After a particularly irksome evening of Mary hitting The Nugget repeatedly last night, I informed Mary and The Nugget that if Mary couldn't behave then we might have to get rid of her.  The Nugget was not please with this idea and hugged Mary protectively to her chest.  One would think she might like to get rid of the little trouble maker, apparent bain of her existence, but no, she vouched for Mary.

I can only assume that Mary is letting The Nugget act out some of her more negative emotions in a (somewhat) acceptable way.  And Mary might have something to do with a desire for a sibling.  All I know is, she's driving me nuts.  This is one of those toys that may need to "disappear" before too long.  That is if Mary doesn't disappear me first.


  1. Way too funny. I love how she treats Mary as a sibling...I feel that prentending is the best way for kids to learn. The Nugget sounds pretty darn smart!

  2. Haha, it sounds like the Nugget is smart. Mary does all the misbehaving and gets all the punishments. Awesome.


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