Let's Rant (put on your red shoes and rant the blues)!

1.  A while back my company was bought out by a bigger company.  No big deal.  Until now.  Now the bigger company has taken over all of our internet access and by taken over I mean completely ceased.  I can no longer look at Blogger at work.  My job satisfaction, and frankly productivity, is plummeting!  How I am supposed to make writing a blog pay for itself if not with their dollars?

2.  Some complete idiot went screeching by me and passed me on the left inside of my neighborhood the other morning while all the kids were standing out at the school bus stops.  I couldn't see his plate well enough to write it down (because I'm sure someone besides me will care about this) but I am focused with laser-like intensity on finding him again.  If anyone sees a silver Honda Accord circa 2000, give me a call.

3.  Trash.  Why are people such litterbugs?  Taking a walk with the family the other night we came across so much garbage, some within easy walking distance of a garbage can.  Near the soccer fields, it was clear someone had just driven up and cleaned out their car on the curb and left a huge pile of garbage for the trash fairies to pick up.  Oh, wait, those don't exist.

4.  Which leads me to my next point: people are stupid. That's really all I have to say on that subject because this post would be never-endingly long if I expanded.

5.  I am glad the Olympics are over.  I know it is probably un-patriotic of me to say this, but I was ready for them to end.  Like many of you, I had tears in my eyes at many moments and was very moved by them, but I think a week is about my breaking point.  After that, I just don't care.  How many more beach volleyball games with the exact. same. players can I be expected to watch (particularly when each play is ALWAYS instantly re-played)?  How many more dives can I break down the trajectory of?  No, it was time for them to end and I'll be that much happier when they begin in four years.  And then end.


  1. I'm not a beach volleyball fan. All of those sweaty, sandy hugs...EVERY play. Yuck.

  2. Number 4 is really the only one you ever need. People = Stupid.


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