Why Game Night is Like a Cage Match

I've mentioned before that family game time is pretty popular at our house these days.  The Nugget absolutely loves playing games of all kinds and, thanks to the generosity of friends and family, we have lots of games to choose from.  She is especially keen to play a game any time mom and dad are both home at the same time.  The other night, I opened the game cabinet (which I keep locked because DEAR GOD there are only so many games I can play and I can't have her bringing me one every 37 seconds) and picked something new for our family to play.  Slap Jack.

The three of us gathered around the coffee table and divied up the cards.  We took it slow so that we could teach The Nugget how to play the game and, frankly, to remind ourselves as I can't say how many years it has been since either of us has played it.  In an unusual turn of events, however, it wasn't long before The Nugget had retreated to a chair to watch what was left of the video that was playing and The Mister and I found ourselves in a heated battle over Slap Jack.  Seriously.

"You looked!  You looked before you put your card down and now even if you win you know it's a lie!" I found myself shouting at one point.

"Cheater!  You keep flipping your cards faster than I do.  I can't see them before you've already slapped!  Nugget, your father is a cheater."

The Nugget from her perch on the arm chair: "Cheater!  Daddy, you're a cheater!"

The Mister: "Thanks a lot.  That's just great.  What a great thing to teach our daughter."

The Nugget, continuing her chant: "Daddy, you're a cheater.  Cheater!"

All the while the cards continue flying fast and furious.

"Nugget, your father can't take a joke!" I exclaimed as I watched the look of rage irritation cross The Mister's face.  "And you KEEP.  GOING.  TOO.  FAST.  That's it!"  I snarled as I tossed all of my cards onto the table.  "I am not going to play because you won't follow the rules!"

"Fine!  We won't play then!"  The Mister cried.

Ahhh, yes, good old fashioned family fun.


  1. Do you like the card game War?

  2. @loonysuse: I don't know if I've ever played war. We usually like most all games and do well with them, but I'm pulling the old Slap Jack out of the rotation!

  3. LOL - my husband and I play gin rummy and Scrabble sometimes on date night. It can get pretty heated at our house, too!

  4. Nothing like sore losers! I'm competitive, but not to the point of shutting down and stomping off (such did a friend a few years back). Party poopers!

  5. That's hilarious! Sounds like y'all had a good time!

  6. @ Leah A - Not one of my finest moments, I admit!


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