Say What?

Language continues to be a very entertaining undertaking with our daughter.  The more she learns, the more she creates and adds to the English language.  She's a little Shakespeare, this one.  A few of her entries from the past couple of months:

1.  She can turn any noun into a verb by adding 'ing'.  She says things like, "It's nighting" when it's dark outside or "It's wintering" when it's cold.

2.  Our dogs bark.  A lot.  That could be a whole post in and of itself.  However, if there's one thing more irritating than the dogs barking, it's The Nugget screaming at them to stop.  We've talked to her repeatedly about how dogs sometimes need to bark and get it out of their system and then they'll stop.  Now she says, "The dogs just need to take a little bark."  Love.

3.  She practices what sounds her letters make when reading her books with alphabets, however she doesn't always quite get it right.  I heard her the other day saying, "mm mm is the sound of B".  I guess we have a little more work to do in that department!

4.  She's starting to lose it, but she still says her "L's" like "W's" most of the time.  It's absolutely adorable.  I've made her practice saying it like she is supposed to, and she can, but I don't push it too hard because I'm going to miss her saying things like "wittle" and "wuv" instead of "little" and "love".

5.  She's created a whole new word for forgetting things, a hybrid of forgot and left.  If we leave something behind when we go somewhere or if she finds something belonging to another child she will say, "Oh, no, Mommy!  They for-left it!" It's even cuter with the whole "L" thing because it comes out sounding like "fer-weft".  Adorable.


  1. VERY sweet!! You are going to be soooooo glad you blogged this later!!! There are some things that my kids did that I remembered later that I had totally forgotten about.

    Your daughter sounds soooooo adorable!!!! Very sweet post!!

  2. This is adorable.

    Murray (age 4) can't say L's either. Instead, everything comes out with a Y in place of the L. Last becomes yast, lake becomes yake. SO funny!

    I love number two.

  3. Soooo cute! How old is she? I love it when little kids say cute little things. It makes me excited for my little guy to get older.

  4. She sounds so adorable. Shakespeare would totally add an "ing" for a nice rhyme :) I've never heard of a kid saying "ferweft" but that is the cutest thing ever! Its great that you're writing this down cause that's the kind of stuff that needs to be preserved!

  5. You need to film her with her cute little way of talking! I love kiddos as they learn. Aren't they fun?

  6. I love the little kid language. Jackson says funder instead of thunder and dewicious instead of delicious.

  7. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You've been there, done that, I know. You can ignore if you'd like. :)


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