Show. Me. The Presents!

The Nugget's third birthday is rapidly approaching.  It's safe to say that she is excited about it since she has been planning the party pretty much since she turned two.  We cannot mention that it is going to be anyone's birthday without her noting that it is soon to be her birthday.

At first, she wanted a Mickey birthday.  She has since decided that she wants a Piglet birthday (which I love because Piglet is the stuffed animal that I willed her to love when I took away her pacifier at age 9 months).  I have been busily ordering custom cupcakes and making homemade invitations for this party since Piglet doesn't usually show up without his buddy Pooh.  I can't wait for it, either, frankly.

The other day we were out shopping and she was, not surprisingly, talking about her upcoming birthday.  She made reference to the fact that Santa would bring her presents for her birthday.

"No, sweetie, Santa only brings presents for Christmas.  People who know you bring you birthday presents", I corrected.  She seemed satisfied with this explanation and didn't mention it again.


As we were loading into the car in the parking lot, The Nugget spied another shopper approaching our car.  "Can you buy me a birthday present?"  she shouted.

Maybe I could have explained that a little more clearly.


  1. Somewhere along the line we shift from announcing to strangers that it's our birthday and asking for gifts to mumbling "I'm 43, can we ignore my birthday?"

    And by "we" I mean "me".

    I love love love her youthful enthusiasm. May it last forever!

  2. Ha! Awesome. I should try that too.


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