A Few of my Favorite Things

To continue the theme of counting my blessing, I have received some wonderful gifts this Christmas season!  I thought, in case you needed to spend some cash, you might want to see what I found most worthwhile:

1.  Roomba - I love clean carpet.  I have two hairy dogs, two cats and a toddler.  Clean carpet is hard to come by.  When my husband cleans this guy out, I can just hit the button on the way out the door for work in the morning.  Voila!  Continuously clean carpet.  My feminist, 18-year old self would probably punch me in the eye for wanting this gift.  The pushing-40 version of me LOVES it.

2.  Dansko Clogs - here's something else the 18-year old me would probably hate.  The pushing-40 me needs some comfortable shoes because her dogs are barking!  These are the best. shoes. ever.

3.  A crock pot that can travel!  Okay, I am only on number three and realize that I am old and boring.  I might need to spice it up a bit in 2012.  Anyway...my old crock pot broke, otherwise I would never have replaced it because I am cheap.  However, since it broke, I decided to spring for the version with clamp-down handles which makes for easy traveling.  The crock pot is the hinge pin of my cooking.  I love being at work while a healthy, home made dinner cooks for the family.

4.  A beautiful Christmas flower arrangement sent by my mother and father in-law.  It doesn't matter how old I get, I still love getting flowers.  They are frivilous and a ridiculous waist of money and I love them.  And this came with such a beautiful "vase", a sleigh that we can keep and use year after year in our decorating.  Nailed it with this one, Mum!  Love it!
5.  Mac Mini.  We have needed a new computer for a long time.  We have I Phones that will hold music but have never been able to access this feature because our computer was too old (this irks me, it's true, because six years is not old in the life of anything but technology).  So we pooled some resources (thank you, parental units) and sprung for it.  It's beautiful.  Side note: while we were there, I told the Mac Genius guy that we needed a new mouse.  He tells me mice are soon to be obsolete and that we need a touch pad.  We got one.  I feel all super fly AND intimidated all at once.  Side note two: the Mac Genius guy was all, "are you ready for the new version with no disc drive?" and The Mister and I froze up and were all like, "No."  The Mister sheepishly tried to hide the fact that he had literally just spent the entire day backing up photos of The Nugget onto discs because he feared my wrath if the Apple Store did not seamlessly transfer everything from one computer to the next.  So, really, we are not super fly.  Not at all.

I'll leave it at those five for now.  I am blessed.  I hope you have been too!


  1. I'm very jealous of the mac mini. Very jealous.

    Taryn just bought a MacBook Air. With her own money. No disk drive. She is super-fly.


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