Counting my Blessings

I am back.  I have weathered the storm.  I faked my way through Christmas and am feeling better this 2012.  I could dwell on the details of all of that, but I prefer to do as the Cole Porter suggests right now.  I have good health, a beautiful family, a warm home and plenty of food.  I am grateful that my problems are third-world problems, that I have climbed Maslow's rungs to the point that I have the luxury to worry about things other than where my next meal will come from, how I will stay safe tonight, how I will keep my family safe.

In that spirit, I am posting a link to this lovely song and will be back to write more soon:


  1. Diana Krall helps with everything.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering kind words.

    I hate that you've been so far down, but glad that you've reached the point where you're counting blessings.

    I feel for you - I do.

  3. Yay! I'm glad you're back!


  4. I'm glad you're back too! May 2012 bring an upswing.


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