Happy Half Birthday, Big Girl!

Today is The Nuggets half birthday.  She is two and a half today.  Two. And a half. 


So, to my beautiful girl, I say:

Every time I look at you, I wonder where that tiny baby went so fast.  Here you are, this big girl who know how to do so many things herself.  This past six months, you have grown by leaps and bounds.  Your hair continues to be a bit curly, your eyes have definitely decided to be hazel and you have grown quite tall and thin.  You currently wear size 3 shirts, size 24 months pants and size 8 shoes.

Your vocabulary has soared.  Favorite word right now: familiar.  Everything looks familiar to you!  You are sweet and sassy and certainly have a hard head when it comes to things being done the way you think they should be.  You fight me lately every day when I pick you up from daycare because you want to put your shoes on YOURSELF!!!  And, usually, you can.   I just need to learn to sit back and let it take all the time it needs.  You can (mostly) dress and undress yourself.  You wear big girl underpants and are potty trained.  You sleep in a toddler bed.  When you wake in the morning, you wander in to see (usually) Daddy.  Sometimes you climb into bed and sleep a bit more with him.  Sometimes you quietly cuddle onto the pile of decorative pillows in the corner by his side of the bed.  And, sometimes, you wake up raring to go and make sure nobody gets one more second of sleep!

Your Piglet doll continues to be your best friend, but your dependence on him has lessened some in the past months.  He mostly stays up in your bed nowadays as you are so busy pursuing your many interests. Currently, these include watching one of the following cartoons: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Arthur, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dora the Explorer, Little Einsteins or Blues Clues.  We limit these a lot, so you also enjoy puzzles, coloring, singing and dancing.  You LOVE anything that might have to do with a princess or a ballerina (though I swear I am not sure how you even know about these things) and are really into dressing up in costumes now.  You pretend to serve food to us a lot and are starting to pretend to be various characters you know.  Going to the Children's Museum is one of your favorite outings.  You love to play outside, too, and we have spent the past many months swimming, blowing bubbles, playing sidewalk chalk and going to the zoo.  You have daddy's complexion and all of that outdoor time, even with sun screen, makes you super tan!

You continue to be the absolute light of my life.  You model our supportive behavior and any time Daddy or I do something, you are bound to come out with, "Great job!  I'm proud of you!"  You love to help cook and clean as well as fix things.  You remain an introvert, more content with a few close people than a big crowd.  You do have dear friends whose very names get you excited, though.  It makes me so happy to see your relationships flourishing.  You are very sweet and caring, usually showing concern if you hear a baby cry or if you think that another child is upset.  Though the toddler part of you can be selfish, your basic nature is very sharing.

All in all, even as Daddy and I sometimes flounder at finding our way on this parenting path, you continue to march right ahead, ready for each new adventure and never afraid to lead us into the next new adventure.  I look forward to following you into all of the adventures the coming years hold!
Running to the next adventure!


  1. Happy half birthday!! It goes by too fast doesn't it? Enjoy the ride mom!

  2. Happy 2 1/2! What a lovely letter for her to look back on!


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