's Saturday

"Mommy, I wanna color markers!"  


  1. lol Looks like your budding artist really gets into her work!

  2. gotta love when they use their body as a canvas.

  3. Oh, and check out my recent post. I nominated you for a Liebster. :)

  4. @ May: Yep. I'm hoping she gets some paying jobs soon!

    @ Jennie: I did love it. And forgot to add: thank goodness for washable markers! Also, YOU ARE THE BOMB! Thanks for the nomination. I will make a post and do my bloggerly duty to share the love as soon as I have time (i.e. once The Nugget is in bed tonight:)).

  5. Awww...almost makes me miss those days.


  6. One question: How do your walls and furniture look?

  7. @Deperate - yeah, we are thinking about multiplying again. THINKING.
    @Sharon - the walls survived okay but I'm pretty sure the kitchen table is not going to survive beyong my young'uns childhood!


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