In Search of Sandals

I have recently been on the hunt for a new pair of white sandals for The Nugget.  Frankly, I did not consider this to be a potentially difficult undertaking.  She's two.  They're white sandals.  How hard, really, could it be?  I pretty much planned on walking into the first store I came to and buying the first pair of shoes I found.

As always, anything and everything can always be a lot harder than it seems.

First of all, my child is apparently the only one in the known universe whose feet grow at odd times during the year.  It's the beginning of July, but the supply of white sandals has dwinlded to virtually nothing.  The sandals that are out there are mostly on sale, to be sure.  BUT you must be looking for anything other than a size 7 if you want to take advantage of these on-sale sandals.  Size 6?  There are at least 10 pair of normal-looking, appropriate white sandals available.  Size 8?  Sure, have at it!  Size 7, no way in hell will you ever find a pair this size.

Unless, that is, you would like your child to dress like she is an adult.  An adult sales and marketing person or perhaps an adult exotic dancer.  In the high-heeled style, white sandals seem abundant.  I am perpelxed by this fact.  My two year old can trip over NOTHING in her FLAT shoes.  WHY would I want to add the possibiliy of a broken ankle by putting her in HEELS?  I mean, I get it, Suri Cruise made being a todller in high heels while drinking a latte from a bottle popular:
But when did we ALL buy into it?

Of course, my other option was to buy her thongs.  No, not the sexy underwear (which I am absolutely SURE they make for toddlers), but the kind of shoes with the strap that goes through the middle of your toes:

Also from
I am the queen of sandals.  Never in my life would I don a closed-toed shoe if I did not live in the Midwest where it becomes necessary to do so about 6 months out of the year.  However, I find this particular type of sandal, while stylish, to be a bit less than comfortable.  I know, fashion should ALWAYS trump comfort for adults, right?  But should it trump comfort for TODDLERS?  I just want a generic-colored shoe that will match pretty much any clothing I put the kid in that will allow her to go romp and play and have child-like fun.  IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?

So, she's currently wearing the size-small shoes she had from last season.  Her toes hang off the front and her heels hang off the back.  They are scuffed and ugly and clearly need to be replaced, but she doesn't seem to mind.  I'll keep looking for those elusive comfy white sandals, and in the meantime we will just keep trucking along in our un-fashionable, oh-so-comfortable, velcro-fastening sandals. 

I just hope we can survive the looks of fear and loathing from the other two-year-olds at the park.


  1. Have you checked Ebay or Amazon? My son often happens to need shoes just when supply for his size has dwindled to nothing and I was able to find a pair to tidy him over.

    Maybe they'll have some appropriate shoes for her. Heels for any child, much less a 2 year old, sound frighteningly inappropriate.

  2. uh...ummm.....Sales and Marketing or Exotic Dancers. . . all in the same sentence. . . . just sayin. . . LOL

  3. Oh, and what the heck are people thinking putting little girls in heels? That is wrong! It doesn't promote proper foot growth and expansion. At this rate, with these styles, our daughters are going to have hammer toes and bunions by the time they are 15 yrs old. NOT GOOD.

    Good luck with the white sandal hunt. Happy July 4th!

  4. My boys are always losing their shoes. And their thongs. Both kinds.

  5. When I was a young 'un, I used to bend the top of my sandals back and step on them so they would break and I didn't have to wear them! naughty!


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