Happy Blogiversary to Me!

That's right, folks, it's my blogiversary.  Before one year ago today, this blog but was a twinkle in its momma's eye.  I have had so much fun finding my imaginary friends out here in the blogosphere!  I can't wait to celebrate more years to come.  To celebrate this occassion, I am taking this opportunity to present you with my random rants of the day (in a neat, not so random list form, of course).

1.  Debt Ceiling:  Enough already.  I do not want to hear anything about this anymore.  Republicans suck.  Democrats suck.  Folks are not focused enough on wanting to actually do the right thing and make this a good nation.  They are too focused on the "politically correct" action which will get them more theoretical votes when the time comes.  Perhaps we need to consider term limits for all members of congress, too, so that we can eliminate that part of the issue.  Fix it you buttheads.

2.  The heat, my God the heat!  I know it's the end of July, but we have had temps in the 90's for a couple of weeks now and heat indexes often over 100 degrees.  I am praying for rain and at least some temps in the 80's.  Please.

3.  Where the hell is my housekeeper?  I swear, each week I wait and wait while the dust piles up and the showers scum over and the housekeeper never shows up!  I am so sick of having to take care of this place on my own.  The rings around the interior of the toilet simply will not clean themselves (believe me, I've begged, pleaded, tried prayer AND magic).  If this keeps up, I may need to fire my imaginary current service.

4.  Diet Coke.  As you regular readers know, I am a lover of the dark and bubbly.  However, lately the Coca Cola company keeps coming up with ways to charge me more money for less Diet Coke.  Folks, I wasn't born yesterday!  I know that I shouldn't have to pay well over a dollar for 16oz of beverage.  I want a metric ton of Diet Coke for 67 cents, just like in the old days!  A liter and half?  That's just a way of you saying, "Drinkers of our product, we know you are too stupid to realize that we are downsizing to save money!"  A 20-pack of cans instead of 24 for the same price?  You, sir, have insulted my intelligence.  Good day. 
*But please don't punish my anger by stopping the production of your delicious beverage or *GOD FORBID* changing the formula.  Nothing will ever replace Diet Coke in my heart, even if it is made by money-grubbing, corporate bastartds*

5.  Road contruction.  I have to cross a bridge every day on the way to and from work.  It is the only way.  They are now working on this bridge.  They have been "working" on it for over a month.  And by working I mean they have been blocking off lanes and bringing in equipment.  They haven't even STARTED the repairs yet.  Of course, the lane restrictions have forced me to go through all of the worst parts of the bridge that really need to be repaired - parts I would have been able to move over and avoid before the construction.  It's looking like one of those projects that, I kid you not, will likely go on into at least next year.  Yea.  Yea me.

And that's my anniversarial post, people.  Nothing left to see here.  I know you were likely expecting more (A giveaway?  Something deep and meaningful?), but this is all you're getting.  I'll catch you on the flip-flop.


  1. I agree with every last word, which doesn't often happen for me (I am very disagreeable). They are trying to 'help the Americans' but if they don't get this damn debt ceiling thing fixed soon, the Americans are the only ones who will suffer.

    Heat sucks, winter is best. Period, the end.

    I am a housekeeper... I charge 8 per hour.

    $1.25 for a Coke from a vending machine?! Same price for a water?! NO!

    The roads are fine. The ones that aren't fine aren't the ones getting fixed. These people should be paid per job, not per hour, and maybe something would get done!!

  2. LOL I loved this! I love the housekeeper one. I'm with you on that one. I hate cleaning with a passion. I NEED a housekeeper. One who doesn't mind that the piles NEVER end.

    I also wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog. I loved your perspective on why we get so upset with our kids and how it matches our love for them. Well said! And thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Happy Blogiversary. A whole year is a big accomplishment.
    I see we have more in common than imaginary friends, too. I also lust for diet coke and simply cannot run without it.
    I found a great way to recycle and save money! I keep the same crappy cup (7-11) has really sturdy ones, and I can fill it up for rarely more than $.99. Further, you get at least 32 oz which is larger than the one in the vending machine or cooler and cheaper.
    Can't wait until next year!

  4. As a fellow diet coke addict myself I must say I find it disturbing when a 12 pack costs as much as a 12 pack of beer! :) great blog!

  5. Happy, happy blogiversary.

    To celebrate, I've gifted you my imaginary housekeeper for the day.

    You're welcome.


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