Random Tuesday Thoughts


Check in with The Un Mom to hear all kinds of random stuff from all kinds of random people.  Here's my randomness of the day:

1.  Could The Nugget please not fall asleep for 10 minutes and then wake up crying and I pray pray pray it's just a sleep scream but OF COURSE NOT I have to go back upstairs when I really want to play on the computer.  I'd rather she went down difficult in the first place instead of just lying down peacefully so I don't have that feeling like it's all good only to have to rug pulled out from under me.  Or in this case, my cozy blanky pulled off of me.

2.  Parenthood is a re-run tonight.  I am ashamed to say how disappointed this makes me.  I love those stupid Bravermans more than I love most of my own actual blood relatives.

3.  No.  More.  Dogs.  I will repeat this mantra until I have it through my head that we have too much going on in our lives to try and commit to one more freaking animal.  We have literally had 4 different white dogs spend a trial period in our home in the past year.  It ain't gonna work.  No.  More.  Dogs.

4.  On a related note, so a bit less random, is it disturbing to anyone but me that I encounter enough animal fluids in our house that I feel the need to keep a bottle of Resolve on each level?  How much cat vomit can one clean, I ask you?

5.  "Take a look, it's in a book!  The Reading Rainbow".  You're welcome for the ear worm.

6.  My kid.  She's randomly cute:

Yes, it's an old picture.  Who has time to upload the new ones with all the running up and down the stairs to sooth a crying child?


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