Random Tuesday Thoughts

I am linking up with The Un-Mom for this tasty little series today.  Check out her blog and all of the others linked up.  And now, as she says, let's get ready to randoooommmm....

First off, as many people have pointed out here in blog-land, Charlie Sheen has turned into an even crazier version of the megalomaniac that he already was.  I was already boycotting his misogynistic ass long before his recent episode (in fact, The Mister gets scared if he accidentally stops on a channel which features him because he knows he will get an earful), but now the egg has finally, officially cracked.  Publicly.  Hence why I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with the funniest thing I've seen in weeks.  Check out these Stark Raving Mad Libs.  You can add your words to his insanity and you will crack yourself up!!  I need to thank The Bloggess for helping me find that one.

Second, I have had a cold again this week.  This is only about the MILLIONTH time this winter, so I am just about to go over the edge.  I mostly blame The Nugget who carries every germ she can find home from daycare.  I work in a hospital and have been largely healthy for years despite the germs I am constantly surrounded by.  Now, I am a walking sick ward.  Grrrr....

Third, The Nugget can read most of the book "Snuggle Puppy" by Sandra Boynton (which she says) pretty much all the way through to me.  Of course, it's memorized, not real reading but I think it is the. cutest. thing. ever.

Fourth, where would I be without chinese food, oreo cookies and Ben and Jerry's?  Oh, that's right, a whole lot thinner.  Oh well.

Enjoy the randomness of it all!  'Til next time!


  1. I'd be better off nutritionally without chocolate chip mint ice cream. But it makes me hellishly happy.

  2. I love a random Tuesday. I'll be all over it tomorrow AM. You hanging with the Un-Mom tomorrow? Then I'll see you there!

    Just popping by to thank you for commenting on my latest post at Ninja Mom. I totally dig the "coo coo kachoo"! Exactly what I was going for in the title. I was a bit hurried when I wrote the title or I might have said, "Here's to you, Mrs. Anderson. New moms hate you more than you can know, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh." Or maybe, "Cuckoo that's you, Mrs. Anderson." I should stop now.

    Also, I swear it's almost over, I love the post of yours a few back about The Nugget talking to her "cracks" like crumbly buddies. Too cute.


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