Tip. The Sippy. Up.

Okay, those of you who are fans of Young Frankenstein, go back and read the title to the tune of, "Put.  Zie candle.  Back."  Couldn't resist.

Now, welcome to one of my most perplexing issues with The Nugget.  The child appears to be incapable of tipping her sippy cup.  I know some of you are already reacting with, "it's because you are doing it for her."  I admit that we do it for her, but it is because she will. not. do. it.

Not only will she not do it, she appears to be oblivious to the fact that she is not doing it most of the time.  If we give her the type of sippy cup that requires tipping, she will often just stand there sucking on the spout and drawing in air.  She may stay completely content like this for loooong minutes on end.  Until mommy finally snaps and gently lifts it up and explains, for the millionth time, "tip it up."  As soon as I let go, down goes the cup.  Occasionally she will realize she is getting nothing to drink and look to one of us and plead, "help".  But often she just continues to suck the air.

The Mister tells me not to worry about this matter.  And I obsess about it constantly don't, except I find it very odd that she is unable to master this skill.  She never was interested in holding her bottles when she drank out of them and never did.  When we first started cups at age 6 months, I figured she would just grow into wanting to tip them.  I had no idea that well into her 18th month of life she would still be perplexed by this notion.  Of course, we long ago solved the need to be enslaved by her drinking needs by giving her some sippies with straws, but still, I ask you, what is the deal?

The Nugget was born 5 weeks premature.  Sometimes I puzzle over whether this is some kind of bizarre developmental hangover due to prematurity.  She was just recently at the pediatrician who said she was the most brilliant child she'd ever seen developing well.  Her language skills are excellent and she can speak at a two year old level and count to 10 and recognize some numbers and letters.  Her physical development otherwise seems very good, as well.  She walks, runs, walks backwards, holds a crayon to scribble, climbs stairs, uses utensils sometimes and is practically perfect in every way.  Did she just not get the cup-tipping gene?  Maybe it skips generations?

I am already making home school plans because I don't know how I can be sure in the future that she is staying hydrated without my constant attention.  These are the sacrifices a mother has to make.  If I have to continue living with her until she marries, well, so be it.

I am just hoping that she marries someone who is very understanding and will be willing to continue to tip her cups for her into old age.  Otherwise, I don't know what she's going to do once The Mister and I are gone.


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